Official Jacksonville Armada Coffee Blends Now Available

May 21, 2018

Alexis Curry,

The Jacksonville Armada FC and partner Ubora Coffee Roasters announced the launch of three themed coffee blends Monday exclusively for the club.

The three blends are Prepare for Battle, Kraken Blend, and Blue and Bold. The Prepare for Battle light roast is the most caffeinated blend with a hint of citrus and honey with a mild chocolate finish. The Kraken Blend is a medium roast with a bold flavor profile of nutty, sweet chocolate, and orange with blackberries. The dark roast blend, Blue and Bold, is a full-flavor coffee with a hint of fine tobacco, dark chocolate, and a citrus finish.

The blends are available for purchase in either whole bean or ground coffee form at or under the Shop tab on, with prices ranging from $10 to $12 per bag. The coffee will arrive in sealed 12-ounce bags to maintain freshness.

Ubora Coffee Roasters is a veteran-owned and operated roastery that ships whole beans 24 hours from roast to customers’ front doors. Ubora uses the highest quality beans and on-demand roasting, to ensure exceptional freshness and flavor. The staff prides themselves on providing the community with a coffee experience, bringing people together, and creating long-lasting relationships.

Ubora is the official coffee provider for the players and front office. The company will provide opportunities for fans to purchase the Armada FC coffee blends at club events. To learn more about Ubora Coffee or purchase coffee online, visit