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Philosophy:  The Communications Department at the Jacksonville Armada FC serves as the intermediary between the club's coaches, players, executives and front office staff and the local and national media. In doing so, the department strives to enhance the publicity and showcase the accomplishments of all Armada FC players on the field and within the surrounding community.

Goal: To provide the best possible media coverage of the Armada FC - including the club's players, coaching staff and executives - by facilitating the requests launched by various print, television, radio and electronic media members. The Communications Department also provides an expanding range of services to meet the ever-growing needs of the media covering the Armada FC and the fans of the club. These initiatives center around timely results, reporting and assisting other information-seeking organizations and individuals. Additionally, the department serves as the chief public division of the Armada FC, upholding image as a top priority in its handlings with media, fans and other individuals wishing to learn more about the Armada FC and its members.